rafiki studio

Videography, Photography, Art Direction, Podcasts & Design
Brighton | London


Welcome to Rafiki Studio.

Offering full scale creative production, we are passionate about solving problems and making culturally relevant media. Using our skills as designers and creative thinkers, we work alongside clients to produce the very best solutions; whatever that may be. 


Video is everywhere, it’s pretty hard to make noise online without it. Whether you are telling a story, selling a product or just having fun, we can make it happen with style. 


At Rafiki Studio we produce photography for a range of clients, from promo and live sets for the best new musicians and artists to corporate event photography, we create the imagery that gets you seen and remembered. 

Art Direction

Working across a variety of sectors, we produce effective, empowering and positive design campaigns that reflect your brand and identity.


Dealing with a range of clients, across industries such as tech, music, e-commerce and art, we produce the best still and motion graphics . 

Web Design

Websites are powerful tools to both grow and manage a business, whether its software, music, luxury goods or personal branding, we are here to empower your vision with a home on the web that reflects your business. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

What do you charge ?

There is no one size fits all package here. Prices vary with every job because success looks different to different people. 

Get in touch to discuss a project or enquire about fee’s. 

How do I hire you ?

Simply get in touch.

Whether you want a photographer, website designed, art direction or film made, the first step is just making contact. We do get booked up, so definitely get in touch in advance to avoid disappointment or long waits for projects. 

Where do you work?

We are primarily Brighton based, so in person jobs like photography and videography are easier to book locally, that being said we love to travel, so depending on your budget you could hire us from anywhere. 

With Design or Direction jobs we can undertake the work from anywhere, so don’t let that stop you from getting in touch. 


What areas do you work in?

We work predominantly with start ups,  SME’s and the creative industries. This means we cover things like music labels,  art galleries, food and drink companies, tech start ups and individual brands.  We are open to working with other sectors, just give us a bell!