Welcome to rafiki studio

We are an independent media production company specialising in image making, design and art direction.

Founded by Leo Sartain, Rafiki Studio has grown to service a variety of clients all of whom desire creative thinking, strategic approaches, clear communication and a deep understanding of one’s craft to deliver complete solutions that make a positive impact and stick with us.

We value forming long term relationships with clients and growing with them.

We aspire to create media that is not disposable. By that we mean media which stands the test of time and makes a lasting impact. We seek to make work that inspires and excites audiences, no matter what the content. 

We are a collection of creative producers and designers, each offering a differing perspective. 

With backgrounds across Art, Film, TV, Design and Music we approach every project with the goal of producing a creative solution that is dynamic, effect and that represents you in the best way possible. 



Graphic Design

Audio Production


Art Direction

Web Design

Apex IT

The Source Coffee Roasters


BWG Gallery


Pearson Webb Consulting

The Great Escape

Soldiers of Shropshire Museum





Detail Framing Studio

Chef The Rapper

Swiss Portrait

Bess Atwell